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Vrta Vfylsvf first female scholar in the world


Lady Vrta (314 to 240 BC) and the wise elite great history student at the age of 15 was Rshyt all-time self-taught



Rshyt him best knew his successor. Vrta was a great philosopher of his East historians reference the world of

 knowledge at the time of his life, knew from around the world to learn reacheth them came to his knowledge the

 lett...er ((mother)) is called.


After his first Rshyt Wise theorists call democracy. Finally, it thought that by Parthian King Mithridates I of Parthia to

create the Assembly found Mahestan update. He dawn 4 October 240 BC in his native ferns, at the age of 74 years

 by a Greek spies were killed


Lady Vrta: happiness is not only a treasure to have, to live a happy life is art

Lady Vrta: literature is rooted in race and persistent

Vrta Lady: wife fulcrum is not in pearl oyster




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